We often forget that the UK has a rich and varied past and some of the most famous and interesting events in our history have happened during the reign of Queen Victoria. During her reign, many significant events took place and in fact we know them all thanks to the amazing documents that were kept by the government.

Therefore, if you have an interest in the UK history and how it has shaped the present, you can check out the information provided in this article.

Queen victoria

Queen Victoria was interested in many aspects of human life. In fact, one of the most interesting dates from her reign is the year that saw the birth of the first monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, King George VI. Although the baby was born in Ireland, he was christened as Prince Albert. The event has become a symbol of unity among the people of the UK.


Princess Alice

Some other important dates from the reign of Queen Victoria are the birth of her granddaughter, Princess Alice in the year 1905. The Queen Mother also celebrated her birthday in the year 1905 and the event became known as the Queen’s Birthday. 

Queen Elizabeth

Another memorable date from her reign is the birth of Queen Elizabeth II in 1947. This was the beginning of the new millennium and although she was only nine years old at the time, she has been regarded as the longest reigning monarch in the British Isles.


However, the year 1952 is not only a great year in the UK history but it is also a great anniversary for several reasons. This is the year that saw the death of the Queen Mother. This great monarch was always considered as the mother of the UK but she died in the year 1952, which is also known as the Princess Diana’s day.

This is an excellent reason to celebrate the anniversary of the great Queen with family and friends. In fact, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in the UK and the Queen Mother was the second longest reigning monarch. It is therefore no surprise that there are many anniversaries that you can celebrate with your loved ones.


The Vikings were one of the most successful ancient settlers of the world. They arrived in Britain in the year AD 800 and the Vikings didn’t last very long. Although many English historians believe that they might have had an impact on the form of religion practiced by the Roman Catholics, it is more likely that they just weren’t very attractive people. On the whole, they didn’t make much of an impact on the UK history and in fact their presence in the UK was of limited significance.

Another important date from the UK history is the invasion of the Vikings by King Harold of England. The Viking raids of the later part of the ninth century gave rise to a number of different traditions in the UK. So it’s worth remembering that even though there are some very strong traditions in the UK and people are united in celebrating anniversaries like the date of the Viking invasions, there are still some things that distinguish us from other countries.

Let’s Learn Something new

Overall, the UK has a rich and varied history and we can all learn from it. However, we should not forget that we are unique in the world so the uniqueness of the UK should not be over-emphasized. Now is the best time to learn about the history of the UK so that you can take advantage of this historical moment and celebrate it to the full.